Jacqueline Parker


Incumbent House

As a born and raised Arizona native, I grew up loving the varied terrain and famed sunsets that Arizona has to offer. Then, seeking adventure, I left for several years to travel the world, earn my bachelor’s degree in Classical Literature and Philosophy from BYU in Utah, and my law degree from USF in California. I also spent just under two years serving a Spanish-speaking mission for my church in Texas and have been on several humanitarian missions to South and Central America. After being away for over a decade, like Dorothy I realized that there is no place like home, and I returned to my beloved Arizona.
I joined the State Bar of Arizona and spent several years at a private practice firm before turning to policy work as a legal policy advisor to Corporation Commissioner Justin Olson.

I have a vested interest in giving back to the state that I love so much and using my education and training to ensure that Arizona remains the conservative, free, safe, and affordable stronghold that I know and love.

I have been a Republican my entire life and am passionate about the Constitution and working to develop policies and solutions that will preserve our values and our freedoms for ourselves and our future generations.