Mobilizing Communities to Win

Our 2022 RLVF Victory Path is a people plan driven by data. 2022 is a critical year to meet and get to know the voters within our neighborhoods. Our mission is simple…turnout Republican voters to win elections. If we believe that the Republican principles and values are the best governing principles for Arizona and our Nation….we need to get Republicans elected at all levels.

Arizona is one of the fastest growing states and by 2027 minority groups in Arizona will make up the majority of the population. We need to focus on building coalitions to target and bring together all of the communities to keep Arizona, Arizona.

Each Coalition will have:
1) Training: In-person and virtual instruction on effective voter contact tactics, techniques and procedures.
2) Access to all data systems to assist in walking and phone banking

Our Coalitions:

African American Coalition
Asian American Coalition
Assyrian Patriots Coalition
Communism Surivor Coalition

Faith Coalition
Hispanic Coalition
Law Enforcement
Liberty Patriots Coalition

Pan-Arab Coalition
Small Business Owners
Veterans Coalition