Caden Darrow


House Challenger

Our district has schools that need help, rising crime rates, and families struggling with rising inflation and surging gas prices. So why are our State Representatives ignoring these problems? Hernandez and Salman vote NO on increased school funding. They vote NO on increased teacher pay. They vote NO on giving law enforcement the tools they need to do their jobs in a way that keeps everyone safer. They support higher taxes and higher spending that increase inflation and drive gas prices higher. And this last year Salman used her “fear of Covid” to justify taking the entire legislative year off. That’s right – she collected her pay, collected her per diem, but skipped going to work, voting on bills, or doing her job. Now she wants re-election?

Bill Loughrige and I are running to give a voice to those who want Representatives to vote for good bills, no matter if they’re “Republican” or “Democratic”. We’re running to support more money into our classrooms, more help for our teachers, safer neighborhoods, and an end to the inflation madness that is pushing the price of grocery store staples out of reach of many Arizonans.

We hope to earn your votes!