Damien Kennedy


House Challenger

My wife and I moved from Missouri over 16 years ago. I have a son and a daughter who have all just recently moved out on their own.

I have worked as a photographer and a graphic designer with a splash of insurance mixed in. I took on the role of compliance manager within the agricultural field because they needed knowledgeable and strong analytical skills to keep the public safe from a growing industry. Working in the medical cannabis industry let me to work with legislators and regulators across many boards to craft rules for testing and safety spread over many divisions. Working a number of issues to keep public safety and community standards as number one with local supervisors and school program coordinators to maintain public trust, knowledge and zoning guidelines.

I am blue collar through and through, from my grandfathers butcher and farmer roots to my father's union electrician career, I learned what it meant to work hard and complete the work you are asked to do. As your next representative I will bring these work ethics with me as your voice in Phoenix, being that strong, loud, voice Southern Arizona needs. Thank you for your support.