Deborah McEwen


House Challenger

For many years I have worked for Criminal Investigation Divisions. Quality assurance and accountability are the most important aspects of that job. It is with this level of importance and seriousness that I take these attributes with me to the legislature.

Having followed the constitution and the rule of law throughout my career, it is only natural that I should continue on that path. I appreciate my small town upbringing with family and moral values. Being active in church and community organizations taught me the importance of serving others.

As a past Grassroots Coordinator to a national organization I know that I can work across the aisle with all legislative team members. I've hunted with my father and range-qualified with my co-workers. I’ve volunteered to do the dirty work no one else wanted and I did it with pride and accountability.

My husband and I moved to Rio Rico 5 years ago. We recognized the same small town atmosphere that we grew up with. Through government oversight, transparency and accountability I will represent local district interests with fairness and equality to all citizens. I’m running for office to protect your rights and maintain your family values in Arizona.