Gary Garcia Snyder


Senate Challenger

Blessed with a unique district that is home to a variety of cultures and natural resources. Arizona’s Desert Southwest Yields the highest quality agriculture, bottled dairy, hunting, military installations and some of the friendliest people. Sadly, our rural district is suffering from a lack of funding for water, education, health care and infrastructure from border walls to highways & residential widening streets projects.

When we demand money for our rural communities needs, our current long term legislators (D) Vote NO. Infrastructure is critical for our rural communities safety, that's why I'm going to the State Capitol to prioritize the Urgency that has been neglected and a complete failure under our current long term elected legislators. The quality of life we enjoy shouldn't be a pawn in a partisan political game. While businesses & families are still recovering from the damage done to our economy by the pandemic.

The tax burden placed on business owners must be lightened- substantially. Property taxes must come down. Our communities can't survive thru this inflation in food supplies, rising housing prices and fuel cost! I'm going to the State Capitol to finish our recovery & lighten the burdens created by the current administration (D).