Jana Jackson


House Challenger

I will support the right to life from conception to natural death

I will protect religious freedom

I will protect our right to free speech and oppose the oppressive cancel culture

I will support laws that ensure the integrity of our elections

Because one of government's most basic duties is to protect, I will support policies that hold offenders accountable, protect the rights of crime victims, and help those offenders who benefit from rehabilitation

I will support building a border wall and strong enforcement of our immigration laws

I will preserve, protect, and defend our federal and state constitutions

I will support our police, firefighters, and all first responders

Because education is the road to freedom and prosperity, I will fight for the right of every child to be able to attend the school that best meets their needs

I will support teachers who want to teach our children according to the highest possible standards

I will oppose all forms of racism, including the Critical Race Theory that is being pushed into our schools

I will support lower taxes and less government so our businesses can thrive and create more jobs

I will support regulatory reform and government accountability

I will defend capitalism and free markets and oppose all efforts to advance socialism and Marxism