Janae Shamp


Senate Challenger

Arizona has been home for over 30+ years. As long as I have been able to choose my home, it's been right here in The Great 48!

I’m a true Constitutional Conservative, happily married ranch wife, bonus mom & Nana, cowgirl, and a Registered Operating Room Nurse.

I’ve been in politics for many years, but the lockdowns, mandates, and shutting down of scientific debate during the Covid pandemic got me very involved in the fight for medical freedom and our rights. I am 100% a Trump supporter who thinks the RINO's have to go, an American who loves her country, and an Arizonan who knows we need change at the State level! Election Integrity, Medical Freedom, Border Security, Securing our Water, Agriculture Industry support, Parental Authority via School Choice, and ensuring the protection of our God given Constitutional Rights are at the top of my list of current issues.

We The People need to get the government and political establishment out of our everyday lives and increase OUR voices at the State and Federal levels of government! We need America First voices and fresh ideas in our Arizona State Senate and I am the Nurse for the job!