Jeff "J.B." Silvey


Senate Challenger

I am privileged to be in the United States of America! I have benefitted greatly from our liberties, freedoms and the spirit of the American people.

Our first home was a small, on a gravel road, with no indoor bathroom and only cold water to the kitchen sink. We were poor, but through guidance of parents, family and follow citizens—coupled with personal hard-work, opportunities for education, and the grace of God, I was able to make a better life. I am concerned that the opportunities that I had are becoming out of reach for many today--as families find it harder to earn enough money to pay bills and build for their future.

The American people are great, but sometime our leaders are not so wise. An example, President Joe Biden's policies lead to doubling the cost of gas/diesel, which has raised the cost of everything. Americans deserve better.

Because of the blessing afforded to me, I am running. IF you want a choice, on August 2nd, Write-In my name for the State Senate – or else the Democrats primary voters will determine your candidate in the November election.