Jeff Weninger

Incumbent House

When I started my first campaign for Chandler City Council, Arizona was growing, I had a young family, and I was in my first years as an entrepreneur. We worked hard to instill strong morals and ethics in our three kids and I was hiring staff and creating jobs - and serving some pretty darn good Italian food in Chandler. I’m so proud to call Arizona home. I moved to Arizona more than 20 years ago for the same reason many families are coming today; weather, the economic climate, and limitless opportunity.

Today, Arizona is a much bigger place. And we’re still growing. Which is why I focused so much time and attention at the Capitol on investing in our communities and creating an economic environment that would attract entrepreneurs and job creators.

I know what it means to balance a state budget, manage business finances, and sign both sides of a paycheck. I’ve worked with my colleagues to lower taxes and put more of your hard-earned tax dollars back in your pocket. Our responsible fiscal policies have allowed us to provide pay raises to law enforcement, invest in infrastructure, and fund our classrooms at record levels.