Jim Cleveland


Senate Challenger

My wife and I have been married for 33yrs and have 6 children and three grandchildren. I am a U.S. Navy veteran and have worked for the Federal Government and served as a Director of a Children’s Ministry; I am currently a Teacher and Pastor.

This varied background gives me the experience, knowledge and motivation to address the challenges facing Arizona Families. Challenges like the need for school transparency and school choice giving parents the knowledge and resources to educate their children as they choose. The challenge of keeping families safe as drugs flood our streets and are a direct threat to Arizona families and are responsible for the tragic death of thousands of Arizonans.

I support fully funding law and border enforcement to protect Arizonans from surging crime. I support funding treatment centers enabling the addicted to return as productive members of society. To meet the challenge of providing for a family I support eliminating the state income tax providing more money for Arizonans to raise their families and keeping Arizona competitive to attract the best and brightest to relocate to Arizona. Strong families mean strong communities.

I will be a voice for families in the State Senate.