John Fillmore


Incumbent House

Born in rural Idaho and raised with six siblings in Southern Utah until his 10th year when the family moved to Boston with his widowed mother, John learned the value of hard work, teamwork, and perseverance very early in life. His first job was when he was 11 years old, after school he sold Newspapers on the streets of Boston. Throughout his high school years, he worked full time evenings in the factories. After high school, John enlisted in the Army in 1969 for three years and served honorably during the Vietnam war.

John was elected to the House of Representatives in 2011, and served in the 50th Legislature for Arizona when at the height of the recession we had to cut our budgets by BILLIONS. He worked hard to help accomplish this. His committee assignments were; Appropriations, Education, and Employment & Regulatory Affairs. John earned high ranks as a strict fiscal conservative, he was rated A+ as an NRA Conservative., He was awarded high ratings from the Goldwater Institute.

I am a Veteran, a Businessman, and an entrepreneur. I know how difficult it is to find a good job, make payroll and provide health insurance. I know the headaches of meeting budgets as well as the importance of an educated workforce, the dangers of illicit drug use, and the significance of our children’s dreams to society’s future.

District 7 needs a STRONG CONSERVATIVE voice and representation. I have been rated 100% conservative by the Arizona Free enterprise and hold a 96% rating from the American Conservative Union (CPAC) (one of the highest set of scores in the State Legislature). I received the prestigious 2019 “Family Champion Award” from the Center for Arizona policy because of my stance on pro-life, pro-family and citizenships issues, as well as The Bronze statue from the Arizona Patrolman’s Association for my staunch law and order police support.

I have always and will always support securing our borders and amnesty should never be the answer to this invasion on our border. We need to secure Arizona’s border and do it now. Employers need an easy way to verify legal status, and violators need to be held accountable. Arizona must stop spending our limited resources providing health and education benefits to illegal immigrants.

Our teachers just received a 20% raise without any accountability for the failing AZ Merit/AIMS test scores. Many Teachers have pushed for the sexualization and woke indoctrination rather than reading, writing, critical thinking, nor math in our schools. And they promote kids without them knowing the grade standards. This is atrocious. Our colleges are bankrupting our children before they even get to the workforce. And I have a plan to fix this. Arizona must work smarter and closer with the local rural communities to promote growth, a good workforce, a real education and create more opportunity.

I am asking for your vote to be your voice for more responsible Government. Thanks.