Justin Wilmeth


Incumbent House

Justin is a limited government conservative with a vision to reform and innovate for Arizona’s future.

Justin has a heart to serve and understands the political and policy landscape here in Arizona. He loves our part of the Valley and believes it’s time for him to answer the call to lead Arizona into the promising future we all know it has.

His interest in government policy started in his early teens, during the challenges and triumphs of the Reagan era. That span in history shaped his worldview and led him to the conservative principles he holds today. It’s why he believes so strongly that conservative principles give us the best chance for a prosperous Arizona future.

Justin was born in West Texas where his father worked in the oil industry. His ancestors are tough, hard-working folks who instilled in him the importance of commitment, loyalty, understanding, and hard work. It was Justin’s time on his family’s farms that showed him the importance of having a pro-business environment in place for the economy to thrive.

He got his start in politics/government in 2004 helping a friend from high school run for office. From there, he served in state policy and grassroots positions in Oklahoma, immersing himself in how state laws impact us on a daily basis.

Later, because of the amazing career and economic opportunities offered here, Justin decided to make Arizona his home. He served at the Arizona House of Representatives as a policy advisor for the Republican caucus and was provided with opportunity after opportunity to learn about the needs and priorities of Arizonans across the state.

Currently, Justin is serving as an Arizona State Representative in District 15. He will seek re-election in his new district - District 2.

Justin is proud to hold a BS in Political Science, and a Master of Public Education from Arizona State University. He is a proud resident of the Kierland district, where his interests include baseball, foreign policy, road trips and movies.

We want Arizona to continue to be a place of freedom and opportunity, both for ourselves and for future Arizonans. Justin will continue to bring principled, conservative, visionary leadership to Arizona’s House so that together, we can protect and extend Arizona’s bright future!