Liz Harris


House Challenger

After moving to Chandler in 1999, Arizona is the place I call home. It’s an amazing state but the things that make it successful are under attack.

Ironically, voters are fleeing high-tax, high-regulation states are moving to low-tax, low-regulation states like Arizona, but they’re bringing their liberal policies and voting habits with them. We need to make sure we don’t let this leftward push ruin everything that’s working in Arizona.

I’ll work to protect election integrity followed by school choice, teacher pay increases, and strong K-12 support. I’ll advocate for secure borders and enforcement of our laws. I’ll work for a strong economy and safe neighborhoods. And I’ll oppose efforts to raise taxes or give government greater control over our lives and daily decisions.

As a servant leader for the last several decades, I am committed to you and I will work tirelessly to get the job done! I’m a wife and mother, blessed with three great kids. I’ve worked in real estate for the last 17 years and have served in a variety of community and industry positions. I ask for your vote so I can get to work and do all I can for Arizona and our district!