Mary Ann Mendoza


House Challenger

Mary Ann Mendoza was thrust into the illegal immigration fight when her son, Sgt Brandon Mendoza of Mesa PD, was tragically killed on 5/12/14, by a drunk, wrong-way illegal driver. The new administration has made it impossible to have constructive conversations-or a meeting of the minds on immigration issues requiring reform. Immigration laws must be upheld.

Mary Ann Mendoza is a voice for Angel Families across America, and a victim of cancel-culture for speaking about many issues facing America. The only way to meet the challenges facing us is to get involved and take action. That is exactly what Mary Ann is stepping up for in LD 9. a Main issues facing Americans now is assault on Constitutional rights. Our educational systems are using their platform to override parental rights.

Now is the time to disrupt the liberal agenda and restore respect, honor, and constitutional soundness. We the People hold the power, understanding, and rights to ensure local, state, and federal government governs for the people, in accordance with the Constitution to preserve the rights we are guaranteed as citizens of a free nation. Now is the time to make that happen.