Matt Nielson


House Challenger

The town needs steady, conservative leadership to prepare us for a strong future – especially during the economically challenging days ahead. That means making fiscally responsible decisions, running an efficient government that fulfills its role without outgrowing it, and keeping Gilbert Gilbert. My wife Julia and I live in Gilbert with our four children, who motivate me to work hard for Gilbert’s future. I have worked in the private sector for all of my professional career in several industries including publishing, legal, technology, and education. I have started companies as a small business owner and know what it means to manage budgets and people. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from California State University, Sacramento and a Master’s degree in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution from Creighton University School of Law. As Mayor, I will hold the line on fiscal responsibility, protect what makes Gilbert special, listen to those I disagree with while standing fast on principle, ensure citizens keep more of their money, and honor the values that make us strong – life, family, and constitutional freedoms.