Michael Carbone


House Challenger

I was born Michael Carbone to a single mom who was battling her own demons. I never really knew my biological dad. When I was two, she remarried Christer Jorudd, who adopted me at the time, and for a while I had a complete family. When I was in second grade they divorced and my grandparents took me in and looked after me. They did their best to teach me right from wrong, but a couple of years later my Mom remarried again and I moved back in with her and her new husband. What remained of my childhood became physically and mentally challenging, and I eventually moved out (and back in with my grandparents) when I was in high school. As a result of my own upbringing, I’ve always placed special emphasis on family, faith, roots, and making sure that people in my own family know they matter to me. Growing up the way I did wasn’t easy, and I made mistakes along the way. I got in trouble, was charged with a DUI when I was 19 years old, but God was looking out for me and everyone else, and I made it to adulthood in one piece – wiser, and very aware of the responsibilities I would have.
Today, I’m a husband, a dad, a small business owner, and someone who has been involved in education issues for years, both in a professional capacity, and as a conservative activist who wanted to make sure that our tax dollars were being properly spent and that parents had a strong voice in the process.

I’m originally from Illinois and I did what I could there to fight for limited government, low taxes, and parental rights, but let’s face it – I was in Illinois, and the powers that be in Chicago, teacher unions, and elsewhere, were hard at work ruining a great state. While I was cutting spending and balancing budgets in local districts, the system around me was growing uncontrollably, and the swamp was taking over.

So, my wife and I packed up the family and moved to Arizona, where individual liberties and common-sense conservative values were valued and celebrated. Now I am fishing, shooting, and getting back into hunting for the first time since I was a kid. Arizona has been awesome for my family and I, however, we are now facing an invasion of sorts from California and other failing states (including New York and Illinois), where people who ruined their states are fleeing for well-functioning states like Arizona. Except they are bringing their failed ideas and bad voting habits with them.

That’s why I agreed to step up and run for office. I know business, I know education, I know how to craft balanced budgets and I know how important it is to keep taxes low and regulations as limited as possible. I know how important local industries and sectors like ranching and agriculture are to our state’s economy. I also know what happens to Arizona if we lose these fights. That’s why I’m 100% committed to fight for Arizona First principles.

I hope you’ll join me in this fight, and on behalf of my wife and our four kids, THANK YOU in advance for your prayers, your time, your support, and your vote.

My top issues:
School Choice & Parental Rights
Voter Integrity
Border Security