Michele Pena


House Challenger

Having been raised and spending most of my adult life as a member in a high control group, I believe has made me passionate in my fight for freedom. My history has made me the person that I am today, a fighter for freedom with great love for my neighbor and country.

I am a 4th generation Yuman, I am Arizonan at heart. I had the privilege of being raised and currently reside in Yuma and had the opportunity to have lived for some time in the Tucson area, this helps me understand the needs of our district.

What has kept me here in the beautiful southwest part of our state? Love, we are nothing without love, God, county, family, and friends. That is why I am running.

My concern over the current state of our economy, the attack on our children along with the local needs of our rural community. As the daughter of an immigrant, I understand the needs of our local Hispanic families. This makes me step up to the task and make a stand to represent District 23 with heart and fight for freedom and the true American way of life.