Nancy Barto


Incumbent Senator

It is an honor to serve the constituents of District 4 in the Legislature as a conservative fighter for your freedoms and values. My husband Joe and I grew up and raised our three daughters in the Valley. As parents, grandparents, and business owners, and citizens, we’ve seen firsthand how our freedoms can erode. We were impacted personally right here in the City of Phoenix when the Council passed an ordinance threatening our First Amendment free speech rights as we defended preborn children. So, I stood up and challenged our city’s unconstitutional actions all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court – and won! That is when we learned that every generation must cherish and contend for our Constitutional liberties. I knew it was time for us to get off the sidelines. We got involved in campaigns and became precinct committeemen. Later, I was appointed to the House of Representatives and ran for office.

While serving, protecting our individual liberties and the most vulnerable among us has been my primary goal. Restraining government’s insatiable appetite for growth and keeping government accountable is key. Undue regulations whittle away at our liberties, creating problems instead of solving them. Our opponents keep trying to expand government control over every aspect of our lives (never more obvious than during COVID-19), undermining parents’ rights to direct their children’s health care and education and threatening our Second Amendment rights. That’s why I’ve fought for limited and accountable government, safer communities, parents’ rights, education that works for every student, health care that puts you in control, the freedom to peacefully live out your faith, and protection of every innocent life.

Our state will only succeed when we respect our principles of freedom and protect them in policy and law. The Greatest Generation had its moment when the defense of freedom took every bit of courage and sacrifice it could muster – and we were the beneficiaries. The times we are in are no less perilous to freedom as was theirs. This is our time to stand and not waver. If re-elected to the State Senate, fighting for your freedoms and values will continue to be my aim.