Roxana Holzapfel


Senate Challenger

I was born Roxana Reyes, to a Cuban father and Puerto Rican mother. I was a police field training officer and will always have the backs of the men and women in blue!

I have lived in Tempe for 35 years and call Arizona my home. I am a life long Republican, and a pro life, 2nd Amendment conservative who believes in the Constitution and all it stands for.

NO to SEL and CRT in any of our schools. NO to mask and "vaccine" mandates of any kind, now and ever again. NO to government overreach in our businesses, schools, homes and places of worship. NO to rules and regulations that are crippling our small businesses. YES to border security; finish our wall and enforce our laws. YES to giving parents voices in their children's schools; the money follows the child. YES to protecting and caring for our veterans and rebuilding our military. YES to voter integrity; only American citizens have the right to vote.

Though I am no biologist, I know for certain that I AM a woman and I AM the woman for the job!