Russell Bowers


Incumbent House

Rusty Bowers has lived in Arizona and the East Valley for a very long time. Rusty's great-grandparents settled in the White Mountains, and he is a fourth generation Arizonan. He spent his formative years in Prescott where his father was a teacher and coach at Prescott High School.

His family then moved to Mesa and Rusty attended Mesa High School where he graduated with honors. A strong believer in a well-rounded education, Rusty attended MCC, ASU, and Brigham Young University. In 1992 he returned to do post-graduate work at Arizona State University. His education has spanned many years, interrupted by a two year mission in Mexico, marriage to best friend Donetta Russell of Mesa, and the birth of their seven children.

Rusty has had an active career in construction, education, the legislature and as a professional artist who is well-known for his outstanding talents, skills and diverse artistic ability. He is a renowned artist in many mediums including, pencil, watercolors, and oils; he is also a remarkable sculptor of wood, clay, bronze and other materials. Many of his drawing, paintings, and sculptures are on display throughout the United States. Rusty is also very musically talented and is an accomplished instrumentalist and singer. Audiences enjoy listening to him sing virtually any type of music, including western ballads, classic hits, show tunes, inspirational hymns, and humorous original compositions. He is a popular speaker and has demonstrated excellence in many techniques, and has presented in countless classes and symposiums in local school districts, at his home, and in outdoor settings. He has also received numerous commissions for his paintings and sculptures.

Some of Rusty's most formative experiences have come while looking through the eyes of others. He has spent much of his adult life trying to understand and teach others about the culture of Mexico, and has participated in humanitarian service for the Tarahumara Indians living high in the mountains of the states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa. These experiences have given him a broad perspective, and the ability to look at a problem from multiple angles. This ability has helped him make wise choices throughout his life and previous public service.

Rusty served with honor and distinction for several years in the Arizona legislature before engaging in several community and career endeavors. Recent events and the continued erosion of the core principles that made this the greatest nation on earth have caused Rusty to reflect and realize that he still has a lot to offer to the individuals, families and businesses in this area and the state. His unique conservative outlook will help restore our communities and state to a principles-based society that develops strong individuals working in a strong economy with good jobs. Rusty Bowers is committed to serving the people of this district in a fair and honest manner and will always have an open door policy. The people he represents can feel confident that he will work on the issues that are important to them, and that he will find real solutions that will set our state up for permanent success.