Steve Caine


Senate Challenger

Why am I running for office? After working 33 years for the Department of Defense, I knew in my retirement that I could not stand by and watch my great state and country continue down the path it was heading.

Gas prices continue to rise; inflation is higher than it’s been in years; our freedoms and liberties are being challenged; people are not respecting police, first responders, or our military; our border is not being enforced; and common respect and courtesy is fading.

Families are being torn about by political division that is fueled by the mainstream media. I helped to raise my three kids in Arizona, and all graduated from Arizona schools. I am a certified substitute teacher in Arizona and have worked in Amphi and Marana schools.

It’s time Arizona leads the nation in restoring respect, responsibility, and common decency back into Arizona and our lives. I’m running to make a positive difference!