Tyler Pace


Incumbent Senator

As a Mesa Native, I learned at an early age the valuable skills of leadership and personal responsibility firsthand from some of Mesa’s most remarkable people. My father believed that the greatest skills in life are learned by doing. No summer day went by that I did not have sweat on my brow and dirt on my hands. My father’s efforts to instill a solid work ethic taught me that all great tasks take time, effort and most importantly, teamwork.

I am not only the product of Mesa Public Schools but the product of great teachers. I am and will always be an avid student because of them. They helped me develop a love for knowledge and truth that guide me daily. Mesa’s teachers not only taught me math, science, and literature, but they taught me how to be a good person and citizen. Their examples set me on path to obtain a higher education that will be an undeniable asset for years to come.

When I was attending ASU, someone told me that the most important thing you can do for someone is to give them a job they can be proud of. This has been my career's motto. I have found great success in entrepreneurship and small business. I have started businesses from scratch and I have purchased and sold businesses, but I'm most proud of the jobs I have created. I believe in business, and I intend to be a job creator my entire life. No other aspect of business brings me greater satisfaction than that of creating a sustainable job that someone can be proud of.

My business success and accomplishments will always dwarf in comparison to the joys of being a faithful husband and father. I am proud to be the husband to such an incredible woman. My wife and I teach our children that the family is a team and each member has their own unique contributions and skills.