Vince Leach


Incumbent Senator

Vince has been involved as a citizen activist in many areas of government, working on behalf of conservative causes. His experience ranges from work at the school board all the way up to County Government, the State Legislature, the Arizona Corporation Commission, and the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. His passion for public service led him to run for an open State House seat in 2014 and he was elected by the people of LD11 in November, 2014.

He has served on many Republican campaigns during the 2010 and 2012 election cycles. He also served as Board member of the SaddleBrooke Two Property Owners organization. He is an active member of Catalina Foothills Church.

Vince is a graduate of the University of WI-St. Point with degrees in Political Science and History. He is a Vietnam era veteran. Vince has over thirty-five years of sales and executive business management experience in the national and international market place.

Vince and his wife, Charlene, natives of Wisconsin, live in SaddleBrooke, Arizona. His son, an engineer with a national firm, still resides in Wisconsin.